The Importance of the Truth


The prophetess alerts us to The End Times and The Great Spiritual in the context of The Importance of the Truth in the Bible.  The Bible is the Word of God, and when we read it we should actually Pray the Bible.

There will come a period of intense evangelization worldwide with the Philippines as the primary irradiation center. The Filipinos live in a hemisphere practicing religions created by men, whereas our brethren predominantly practice Roman Catholicism, a religion created by God.  All people of reasoning age will know the True God during The Warning and the Illumination of Conscience, and will desire to learn more about Him.  Then, it will exist an unprecedented need of evangelization.

I have created the article Copy and Paste to assist Christians in spreading the Gospel of Mark in four idiomatic versions. Click on the following link to retrieve the article Copy and Paste, and start to reveal the True God to the world right now.

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