Third Letter to the Indians

Hinduism is the first religion of India, Islam the second and Christianity the third. Men founded Hinduism and Islam and God founded Christianity.  I have connected you to the Warning Package on the Second Letter to the Indians, and stressed the Warning. I’m presenting now the Illumination of Conscience, which is also an article of the Warning Package.

Click on the following link to retrieve the article Illumination of Conscience.

I was impressed with and Indian who asked me for more essays relating to India. I answered him that I had no more articles. Thereafter, I wrote one more article, and today the Holy Spirit asked me to create a package for you, Indians residing in India and abroad.

My main motivation to address all Indians relates to the Warning and the Illumination of Conscience, because I want you to relate to these supernatural phenomena, for all living persons of reasoning age will experience the phenomena.  My letters are open to everybody, because I am a Roman Catholic, and my Mother Church is ecumenical.

I’m introducing to you the article Related Articles to facilitate the reading of my letters to you and also my blog articles in general. They are written in four primary languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish and French.  I’ll use English to communicate with you, but you can retrieve articles in the other languages.

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