Salvation of Lost Souls






Holy and devout souls must work to the salvation of other souls. They are ordinary people who love their neighbor, but do not go to Church, receive the sacraments and acknowledge My existence.  When they are shown the proof My existence they will immediately embrace Me.

The lost souls are aware of their grievances against My Father and delight with grave sins. These souls are possessed by Satan and need to escape from him, but can only be saved through the prayers of holy and devout disciples of Mine.

My contemporary disciples are given an enormous mission, more urgent than that given to my apostles when I ascended into Heaven. Your role is to convert the lost souls through your prayers for My New Paradise. My Eternal Father loves all sinners, and great rejoicing occurs in Heaven for every lost sinner who is saved from the fires of Hell.





Jesus is quite clear about our mission ― despite doom and gloom, we should engage in the salvation of lost souls.


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