Twenty Fifth Letter to the Filipinos

The Warning and the Illumination of Conscience is a supreme act of Mercy from the Lord applicable to every reasoning person, independently of credo or religion. Christ had a horrific death on a cross to redeem Humanity from Adam and Eve to the present generation.  We are the generation of Christ Second Coming and He wants to embrace us all on the Rapture.  The Contemporary World surely needs God’s Mercy, because Apostasy has been pervasive in our Age.  Therefore, it is pertinent to discuss Mercy, and present Sister Faustina ― the Secretary of Divine Mercy!

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Sister Faustina was a young nun in a convent of the Sisters of Mercy in Poland during the 1930’s. She received extraordinary revelations from Christ, who asked her to record these experiences, which she compiled in a Diary of God’s Divine Mercy.

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God’s trademark is Love whereas Satan’s trademark is Lie and Deceit, and we are currently facing The Great Spiritual War.

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