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The following racial harassment events have happened in Georgetown, Texas, in the first half of 2017.  School district officials were too lenient to the perpetrators of racial harassment…  They did miss an opportunity to set the record straight!  When will America understand the causes and consequences of bullying and take formative action, including the expulsion of Satan from American public schools?




The father of a 12-year-old girl in Texas said classmates tormented her daughter, they called her an ape and pretended to whip her like a “slave” — but school officials failed to discipline the students or even call the incidents bullying.

Robert Ranco said the harassment started in March when a fellow female student at James Tippit Middle School in Georgetown followed his daughter, who is black, around a tennis court “pretending to whip” her and saying words to the effect of “you’re my slave now,” the Austin American-Statesman reported.

In another incident, Ranco’s daughter identified a male student causing trouble during lunch. The boy denied involvement but made a racially charged comment that school officials did not classify as bullying, the paper said. “You’re not really going to take the word of a BLACK person over the word of a WHITE person, are you?” the boy said, according to a written report from the Georgetown school district. The boy would later apologize to Ranco’s daughter after meeting with a school counselor, the paper reported.

Then, last month, the girl who pretended to whip Ranco’s daughter walked into a classroom and asked a male classmate why he was sitting there, according to the report. “Because I don’t sit next to apes,” the boy said, before departing from Ranco’s daughter. While holding a photo of an ape on her cellphone, the girl said to Ranco’s daughter: “This is what you look like.” The girl continued to target Ranco’s daughter, asking classmates what photo among several photos of apes most looked like her as other students laughed, according to a school report.

Ranco, a civil rights attorney, said district officials failed to appropriately discipline the students who targeted his daughter and none was suspended. “It makes me feel like the school district is sweeping this under the rug,” Ranco told the Statesman. “Georgetown ISD has had a least a few suicides in the last five years resulting from bullying … I don’t have that concern for my daughter, but I’m sure other parents didn’t think their kids were suicidal, either.”

School district officials did not respond to the paper’s request for comment. According to an internal report, Ranco’s daughter was a victim of more than one incident of “racially harassing conduct” from classmates. “All substantiated misbehavior by the involved students was addressed and consequences were assessed in accordance with our Georgetown ISD Student Code of Conduct and with our campus restorative justice approach to discipline management.” The report did not disclose disciplinary details except that school officials provided “additional re-teaching” to students involved in inappropriate behavior.



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  1. Kathy Mitchell says:

    Kids are cruel unless they learn either through strict parents or parents who teach their kids how to handle/stop being bullied. Happens in Catholic schools even. Happened to my daughter BY a new black student. Sad but my daughter learned how to deal with it.

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