The Entertainment Industry


The article is a synopsis of Petrus Romanus’ address to

The Entertainment Industry.


The Entertainment Industry brings mankind much joy and excitement.  Yet, bad example may abound.  Entertainers exert great power – especially over the young – but sometimes their example does not reflect their great talent and worth.

There are two Great Powers that bring money to entertainers – power and popularity. However, Secret Societies are your enemies – they stand for evil and harm to your soul, and God will make soon all men accountable for their lives. Stand with Jesus!

Our Lord: “As I have already indicated to you, My little son, I am seeking special prayers for those souls who are in the Entertainment World, because these souls hold a great responsibility to live lives of holiness, purity and goodness, but yet the power of the Illuminati and the power of the Secret Societies and Sects throughout the world, draw them in and mislead them and through that they mislead many souls onto a path of self – desiring only what pleases them – and this, My sweet children, is idolatry – worshipping other gods.”

Our Lady: “Young souls have been lost to me because they idolize false ideals in the form of worldly goods, fashion, music and the world of entertainment. Young souls must enjoy life – it makes me happy – it is their lack of love for Me and their own bodies grieves Me. They were born pure and perfect, their bodies are a Gift from Heaven, but they desecrate them and have no shame in performing obscene acts to draw innocent souls towards them.”

“Many of those with such power have sold their souls to attain their diabolically inspired gifts. The only reason they were given any Gifts by Heaven was to provide pleasure to the world, as a talent given to them by God. But Satan tempted many and in return for their souls, promised them a glorious and glittering life of wealth, adulation, fame and pleasure. When they received these gifts, they then used them to infest other souls. And so it continues, until millions of other souls become slaves to Satan. Many souls who follow false idols become drawn to drug addiction. They have no shame, modesty, or real love for each other, as each vies for the greatest attention.”

We must for those entertainers who have sold their souls.

“Dearest Jesus, forgive the entertainers who have exchanged their souls for fame. Rid them of their infestation. Give them the courage to break this wicked bondage. Take them into Your Arms of Mercy and nurture them to a State of Grace, so they become fit to stand before You.

Liberate entertainers from the shackles which bind them, and which will cause a terrible torture in Hell. Help them, through the suffering of chosen souls, through my prayers and through Your Mercy, to be ready to enter the New Paradise in the New Era of Peace.  I beg You to release entertainers from captivity. Amen.”


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