Mark Taylor, June 14, 2018


Our lives are under the influence of Good and Evil and we can decide which influence we must accept and reject. Good and Evil are divergent paths and the decision is binary. Both influences have escalated in our generation of Christ Second Coming to the Great Spiritual War.

In a conventional war, the belligerents seek in intelligence in the enemy’s warfare. I’ve written articles, such as those in the Satan Package and the Antichrist Package, to expose strategies Satan uses to harm our souls. Such packages evidently imply doom and gloom which may harm us because we may inadvertently tune to satanic frequency.

Christ advised me through a stigmatic seer to focus in the salvation of souls instead of doom and gloom. Then I asked the Holy Spirit for advice and He indicated the development of the Gospel Package.  It contains the entire Gospel of Mark with illustrations and commentary in four idiomatic versions.

Conventional communication outlets are loaded with doom and gloom under the guidance of secretive societies which are preparing the debut of The Antichrist in the world. We must exercise care with social communication to avoid Satan’s claws, and seek Spiritual Growth to ensure God’s protection.


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