Mark Taylor, June 30, 2018


Align yourself with the New World Order of God.  When I wrote the article New World Order of Secretive Societies, I had to express doom and gloom, but I doubted them on the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.  A stigmatic seer had a message of the Lord Jesus directly for me, to quit doom and gloom and embark on the salvation of souls.  The mystic went further to inform me that The Antichrist would never seize and control America.

The Holy Spirit informed me at the opening of 2018 that He would be very active in the world throughout the year and He had affirmed before that Apocalypse would follow a domino effect from beginning to end.  The Counselor ordered me recently to write regularly to the Filipinos whose nation is destined for a supreme spiritual role in The End Times.

The Almighty Father will cleanse the Earth in anticipation of The New Era, and He will call His Remnant Church to sanctuaries of protection away from big cities.  Our generation of Christ Second Coming is ironically more evil than Noah’s generation.  Remnant Church, Heed to Your Savior and dress the Full Armor of God!  Awake Remnant Church of God, and get ready for Christ Second Coming, dissipating all tepidity and embracing Dynamic Spirituality.


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