Cross in Red Sky


This is a video based on information Christ has given to Sister Faustina, the Secretary of Divine Mercy. I have developed Sister Faustina Package, Mercy Package and Warning Package, the latter at the request and guidance of the Holy Spirit.  The subject has now shifted from information to formation, and a personal response to the word of God.

He will call Humanity’s attention through a collision on the sky which will turn red and we will see a Cross in the Red Sky.  Then we will have the privilege of a special, private audience with Christ, our Savior, to examine our life and its purpose and receive an invitation to the celestial banquet after the Rapture, which will occur on Christ Second Coming.

The Cross in the Red Sky is just a prelude to the Great Warning and the Illumination of Conscience. Brethren, the video is essentially an invitation from Jesus to Seek Redemption ahead of the Cross in the Red Sky.  What is your personal response to the word of God?

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