Emma de Guzman


Emma de Guzman, born December 8, 1949 is a Filipino Roman Catholic laywoman, stigmatic and claimed Mariam visionary. She is the co-founder of the Catholic lay group association La Pieta, dedicated to a Marian devotion. Guzman claims to have first seen the Virgin Mary in 1991.

She is reputedly notable for her alleged Marian visions under trance, particularly the golden dust which allegedly manifests on her face during her trances. She claims to have communicated with Christ and His Blessed Mother, various angels and souls seeking Penitence and has been observed by various high-ranking Filipino Catholic prelates.

The La Pieta prayer group, along with its apparition, stigmata, and miraculous events are currently unapproved, though pending investigation by the Holy See. The group is openly tolerated and endorsed by various leading international bishops, including the former Apostolic Papal Nuncio to the Philippines, Archbishop Antonio Franco, Cardinal Jaime Lachine Sin and Cardinal Francis Eugene George.


The Philippines will be the center of Catholic Renewal in anticipation of Christ Second Coming, and the Holy Spirit has asked me this Spring of 2018 to write to the Philippines.  I’m developing the Philippines Package, which already includes more than thirty articles, the vast majority is Letters to the Filipinos, which cover a variety of topics, including the Sacraments, the Gifts and Fruits of the Holy Spirit and the Nine Charisms.

The Philippines Package already includes thirty Letters to the Filipinos and the Index of Letters to the Filipinos is a package post that covers the main content of each letter.

I have incidentally found Emma de Guzman’s videos on YouTube, and I’m confident she is instrumental in the Filipino Catholic Renewal in anticipation of Christ Second Coming.  God has placed me on the path of Petrus Romanus, who will be elected Pope Peter II in the last conclave of the Roman Catholic Church, in Manila, Philippines.  God has already informed the future pontiff that he will move to the Philippines according to God’s Plan for the Humanity, and Petrus Romanus will post me about major developments as they unfold.

Come Holy Spirit and Renew the face of the Earth!

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