Raging Spiritual Warfare




Are you a patriot or a globalist?  This is a pertinent question amid raging spiritual warfare. If you are a patriot, you support your sovereign nation, whereas if you are a globalist, you support the New World Order (NWO), consequently Satan, The Antichrist and evil.

You cannot be neutral or tepid amidst the raging spiritual warfare because you expose yourself to lethal crossfire, most probably directed by evil, for Satan is eager to seize you for eternal damnation while God invites you to His Kingdom of glory and eternal happiness.  What do you prefer: Satan and Hell or God and Heaven?

Satan cronies are bombarding us with mainstream media planting fake news, doom and gloom which may cause depression and anxiety.  The suicide rate has recently increased in the United States and the mainstream media (MSM) may contribute to such increase.

Be Born Again and seek Spiritual Growth to be in God’s camp ― do not become a victim of the Raging Spiritual War!  I encourage you to read the following message the Blessed Mother gave to Petrus Romanus, whom Heaven is grooming to become the last pope.


Click on the following link.

Petrus Romanus, July 8, 2018

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