Prophecies to be Fulfilled

It follows an adaptation of a Martina Caffrey’s article  about prophecies to be fulfilled given to the contemporary Irish prophetess Christina Gallagher.


It is fitting to look at prophecies that are yet to be fulfilled. These warnings and prophecies are not given to frighten us but to make us aware of what will happen in the world and allow us time to prepare spiritually for these occurrences. They are also given as warnings which can be prevented or lessened through our response in prayer and repentance. They are permitted to be revealed by God through Our Lady to awaken us from our spiritual sleep and to encourage us to take action to prevent them by turning back to God and calling on His Mercy. God permits these events to happen if we do not respond as a means of justice and purification for our sins as a loving Father rather than an angry and vengeful God. As our Father, He allows us to suffer to draw us to repentance and mercy as a Father disciplines His  children.

In 1993 Our Lady warned that there would be a third world war if people did not turn back to God and repent. She warned Christina of future wars and conflict involving America, Russia and China if people did not open their hearts and turn back to God. Christina was shown visions of what would happen if a third world war was to break out and she could see the possible use of nuclear weapons in this war. The warning of war coming to the world is mentioned frequently in the messages over the 25 years they have been made public.

Jesus has warned of the consequences of these actions on the 29th of July 2010 when He spoke to the world, especially America, through Christina. He said, “Soon…the world will be plunged into the black apostasy that will engulf the world. There will be war… God does not desire you to fear. He desires your response… World powers are at work, drawing upon the forces of evil to cause destruction. All transactions through banks and all government services throughout the world will be made powerless… Hospitals will not function, food will be limited… Make preparation now.” He continues to warn of the devastation if people do not turn back to Him. On the 15th of March 2011, Jesus warned again of war and devastation coming to the world as humanity has rejected His love and mercy. He warns, “what you have witnessed in the death of many forms of wildlife is merely a warning of the death coming to humanity as a consequence of sin and denial of Me.” A few days later on the 18th of March 2011, Jesus spoke again warning of war and conflict, “The unrest leading to war – to the third world war – causes Me great pain… Poverty will follow the unrest and war from country to country… I am the Lord but I must permit this in My Justice on account of the great sin of the world.” This warning was continued in October 2012 when Jesus spoke again to Christina, “There will be earthquakes, drought, diseases and hunger in the Americas and throughout the world. Listen, My people, hear and respond as I have called you for even worse turmoil is on its way… The third world war will soon be upon you… My dearest children, you who have responded to live by My Word, do not be sad or frightened. You will be in the light and safety of my Mother’s Heart when this takes place throughout the world.” These strong warnings which show a firm but merciful God are only a few of the warnings given to Christina over the years. As Jesus said, they are not intended to sadden or frighten us but to make us more aware of the dangers around us and to urge us to turn back to God before it is too late as it is only in God that we will find love, mercy and protection.

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