Forty Third Letter to the Filipinos


Be attentive to the third sign of the article Last Days’ Biblical Signs.  Click on the following link to retrieve the article.

A blood moon has sparked, just before its arrival, a clash between Jews and Palestinians on the Temple Mountain. The blood moon may also be the harbinger of the War of PSALM 83 between Israel and its Arab neighbors instigated by Iran. PSALM 83 is a Prayer against a Hostile Alliance that will invade and annihilate Israel.

We are at the Dawn of the Psalm 83 War, which will oppose the Arab countries bordering Israel against this nation which when it realizes that it will be defeated, it will use its atomic arsenal, mainly on Iran, to avoid defeat in the war. Iran will instigate the war and suffer atomic casualties due the nation’s aggression.  The war of PSALM 83 will be a prelude of World War III.

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