Marriage and Family


I did translate the following article from Hungarian to English, and I am posting it because I deem the article pertinent for the universal family.


Message to Mária Magdolna of Hungary

6 July 2018

I saw that behind the European Union there is a giant dragon with seven heads and ten horns. The dragon shouted:

“I have swallowed the other continents of the world, now Europe is coming! Hungary is causing my defeat, so I’m ready to mobilize everything to ruin it completely.”

I saw that one of the blows from the dragon to our country is the Budapest Pride (homosexuals march for 30 days in the bigger cities of Hungary, e.g. Szeged, Győr, Debrecen, Miskolc, Pécs, Budapest). The Blessed Mother covered these cities with her mantle, and then said:

“My children, Satan can’t bear your governments and churches that protect the sanctity of marriage (between men and women) and families. In the past centuries and decades, the evil has succeeded in destroying families, whose consequences are divorces, game marriages, abortions, desires for the same sex, prostitution, and gender theory. Humanity currently lives the same serious sins as the inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorrah, who were destroyed by sulfur and fiery rain. Listen to the voice of God and reject these serious sins! Never inquire about the holy anger of God, as Lot’s wife, who eventually turned into salt! My Children, pray for the Hungarian people to resist the temptation of the progeny, which is to encourage people to free sin. The essence of the family is not only the kinship, but also protection and security. Those who want to live without a family will sooner or later face hopelessness and loneliness.

“Mothers, I urge you not to fear the sanctity of marriage and the foundation of the family, for they concern God. I have covered the great cities of your country with my shield, for I have listened to your prayers. Pray with perseverance and ask for my Son, for grace to let people know the essence of God’s creation and the meaning of life!”

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