Repent Now is the theme of this article’s video. A mature reliable seer gave me some time ago a message directly from Jesus Christ as follows: “Manuel, stop writing about gloom and doom and instead write about the salvation of souls.”  Repentance is absolutely essentially to the salvation of souls.

The divine message came after I had written the horrific article New World Order. Then I asked the Holy Spirit for assistance and He instructed me to develop the Gospel Package in four idioms.

I have written a few articles having Mark Taylor videos for background. Therefore, my regular audience has probably heard about him.  However, many Filipinos may now have an opportunity to hear about the prominent American prophet Mark Taylor, and my regular audience may read or review two articles of the Philippines Package which the Holy Spirit ordered me to create, because the Filipinos will play an instrumental role in salvation of souls ahead of Christ Second Coming.  The package contains now about fifty five letters highlighted in the Index of Letters to the Filipinos.

Click on the following two links to retrieve two articles of the Philippines Package.

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