Index of Letters to the Filipinos

Index of Letters to the Filipinos

The Index comprises the information structures embedded in each Letter.


First Letter

Luz de Maria, 05-02-18

Message to Petrus Romanus, 05-13-18

Second Letter

Linked Articles

Battle Plans

Third Letter


Warning Package

Package Index

Fourth Letter



Fifth Letter

Divine Call Package

Sins against the Holy Spirit

Sixth Letter

Holy Spirit


Theological Virtues

Seventh Letter


Gifts Package

Youth Package

Eighth Letter

Gospel Package

The New Era

New Heaven and New Earth

The New Heaven and the New Earth

Ninth Letter

The Antichrist

New World Order


Tenth Letter



Apostasy: Rejection of Christianity

Eleventh Letter

Luz de Maria: the Voice from Heaven

Prophetess Luz de Maria

Luz de Maria, 05-21-18

Twelfth Letter

The End Times

The Great Spiritual War

Pray the Bible

Thirteenth Letter



Spiritual Growth

Recent Eucharistic Miracle in Poland

Fourteenth Letter

Anointing of the Sick

Believe it or Not

Fifteenth Letter


Parable of The Two Builders

Sixteenth Letter


A Word of Prophecy

Seventeenth Letter




Eighteenth Letter

The Signs of the Times

PSALM 83 Package

World War III Package

Nineteenth Letter

Nine Charisms

Development of Charismatic Knowledge

Development of Charismatic Wisdom

Twentieth Letter



Saul’s Sight Recovery

Twenty First Letter

Victim of Satanic Cult


Twenty Second Letter

Prophetess Luz de Maria

Luz de Maria, 06-16-18

Luz de Maria Package

Twenty Third Letter

The New Papal Seat

Message to Petrus Romanus, 06-17-18

Conversion, Penance and Prayer

Twenty Fourth Letter

Garabandal News

Public and Private Revelations

Twenty Fifth Letter

Mercy Package

Sister Faustina Package

The Great Spiritual War

Twenty Sixth Letter

Heaven or Hell

Events Happening Soon

Beware California

California Earthquakes

Emulate Nineveh

Twenty Seventh Letter

Soul: Holy Spirit’s Tabernacle




Twenty Eighth Letter

Body, Soul and Mind


Fear of the Lord

Where’s Fear of the Lord

Twenty Ninth Letter

Charismatic Faith



Thirtieth Letter


Interpretation of Tongues

Thirty First Letter

Escalating Evil

Human Evil

The Worst Animal

Hell on Earth

Thirty Second Letter

Child Traffic and Pornography

Cruelty in America

Thirty Third Letter

Ekman’s Conversion to Catholicism

Service Charisms

Pope John Paul II and Charisms

Thirty Fourth Letter

Hillary Alert


Thirty Fifth Letter

Message to Petrus Romanus, 07-08-18

Thirty Sixth Letter

Lukewarm Christians

Message to the Lukewarm Christians

The Holy Spirit is the Sanctifier

Dynamic Catholic Package

Thirty Seventh Letter

Incorruptible Body

Funeral Mass Readings

Thirty Eighth Letter

Luz de Maria: the Voice from Heaven

Prophetess Luz de Maria

Thirty Ninth Letter

Youth Saturates Hell

The Meaning of  Life

Youth Package

False Christs

Fortieth Letter

Fatima. May 13, 1017

Fatima, October 13, 1917

Fatima Package

Forty First Letter

The Kingdom of God is Nigh

Forty Second Letter

Deadly Sins and Heavenly Virtues



Heavenly Virtues Package

Forty Third Letter

Last Days’ Biblical Signs

Forty Fourth Letter

Luz de Maria, 07-30-18

Forty Fifth Letter

Message to Petrus Romanus, 08-05-18

Message to Luz de Maria, 08-05-18

Forty Sixth Letter

Apostasy Package

Youth Saturates Hell

The Letter to the Hebrews

Hebrews Package

Forty Seventh Letter


Poor in Spirit

Poverty in Spirit

Forty Eighth Letter


Pride versus Arrogance

Forty Ninth Letter

Parable of the Samaritan Woman

Fifty Letter

Luz de Maria, 08-20-18


Promises of the Novena

Fifty First Letter

Luz de Maria, 08-25-18

Worldwide Warning

Fifty Second Letter

Priests Package

The Angel of Peace

Fifty Third Letter

Parable of the Unwise Rich

Parable of the Wise and Foolish Virgins

Fifty Fourth Letter

Repent Now

Luz de Maria, 09-05-18

Fifty Fifth Letter

Body, Soul and Mind

Soul: Holy Spirit’s Tabernacle

Fifty Sixth Letter

Mark Taylor, 09-13-18

Mark Taylor, 09-14-18

Fifty Seventh Letter

Luz de Maria, 09-17-18

Fifty Eighth Letter to the Filipinos

Locution from Jesus on His Church

Message to Petrus Romanus, 09-22-18

Fifty Ninth Letter to the Filipinos

Antichrist Package

Sixty Letter to the Filipinos

Luz de Maria, 09-30-18

Satan Package

Sixty First Letter to the Filipinos

The Meaning of Life

Salvation: the Meaning of Life

Blessed Mother and the Meaning of Life

Sixty Second Letter to the Filipinos

Catholic Funeral Mass

Funeral Mass Readings

Sixty Third Letter to the Filipinos

New World Order Package

Sixty Fourth Letter to the Filipinos

Gog Package

Sixty Fifth Letter to the Filipinos

Pope Peter II Package

Sixty Sixth Letter to the Filipinos

Parable of the Vineyard Laborers

The Warning is Near

Sixty Seventh Letter to the Filipinos

Interaction with the Holy Spirit

Man Thirsty for God

Dialogue with the Holy Spirit

Sixty Eighth Letter to the Filipinos


Sixty Ninth Letter to the Filipinos

Youth Saturates Hell

Seventieth Letter to the Filipinos

Pray for Priests

Prayer for Priests

Priests Package

Seventy First Letter to the Filipinos

Apostasy Package

Hebrews Package

The Best Way to Live

Church in Crisis

Seventy Second Letter to the Filipinos

Message to Petrus Romanus, 11-10-18

Seventy Third Letter to the Filipinos

Parable of the Hidden Treasure

Seventy Fourth Letter tot the Filipinos


False Christs

Seventy Fifth Letter to the Filipinos

Seventy Seventh Letter to the Filipinos

Seventy Eighth Letter to the Filipinos

Seventy Ninth Letter to the Filipinos

Eightieth Letter to the Filipinos

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