Sixty Third Letter to the Filipinos


The Holy Spirit did command me to send the video to the Filipinos while I participated today in Sunday Mass, but I do abstain from directly commenting the video.

Mark Taylor has multiple videos on YouTube with partial redundancy among them, because he is regularly invited by several parties for interviews published on YouTube.


I heard originally the New World Order (NWO) expression on YouTube in a speech that President Barack Obama had made in Canada while he was the White House tenant.  If our president freely addressed the subject in a foreign country, I felt entitled to research what NWO had in store for us, and I was really shaken when I finished the New World Package.

Click on the following link to retrieve the package.

I have inserted the link here for documentation, but please if you read the package dispel gloom and doom and engage in the salvation of souls including your own  vote wisely, pray and seek Spiritual Growth join the Remnant Army of God.

While I mulled with trepidation over NWO, Christ sent me a message through a stigmatic seer to abandon gloom and doom and embrace the salvation of souls.  Then I consulted my boss, the Holy Spirit, and He advised me to develop the Gospel Package in four idioms and spread it worldwide.

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