God Loves You


There will be only two eternal destinies ― Heaven or Hell ― at Christ Second Coming and we are the generation of His Coming and unfortunately the most wicked generation the world has known.  Yet, God continues to love us beyond dimension and He’s patiently waiting for us to correspond to His love.  He seeks our salvation!

It is personal and we should assume it … the depraved world is not a valid excuse for us to go astray.  The Warning and Illumination of Conscience will occur soon, and is fundamentally an outpouring of God’s Mercy ― second to the Christ’s sacrifice on the Cross ― to call man to salvation.  Let’s reform our lives in anticipation of the outpouring of Grace.

Let’s frame our spiritual life in the Parable of the Prodigal Son.  Our Eternal Father is waiting to embrace us in Heaven and we should seek the father like the prodigal son, because at the end there will be only … Heaven and Love or Hell and Hatred.

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