Seventy Fifth Letter to the Filipinos


I had deciphered a code about the Warning to occur on February 7, 2019.


I have written several articles about The Warning and the Illumination of Conscience because the Holy Spirit has commanded me the assignment through some locutions, and I myself believe they will represent a milestone in the salvation of Humanity.  Our generation of Christ Second Coming will be the only one to enjoy such mercy privilege from God, because satanic forces abound to harvest souls and Jesus would like to redeem all Humanity He has redeemed through is death on the cross.  God is pure love and we are involved in The Great Spiritual War from which Christ will emerge triumphant and Satan defeated.  We will triumph with Christ and vanquish with Satan!

Brethren, this is the definite time to seek Spiritual Growth in anticipation of our private encounter with God in the Warning.  Include an additional spiritual exercise in your relationship with God, such as Bible Reading and Eucharistic Hour, to elevate you another spiritual threshold.  I definitely recommend the sacrament of Penance in preparation for the Warning.

I myself have compiled in four languages references Christ and His Blessed Mother have made to Luz de Maria about the upcoming Warning.  The article “Luz de Maria — on the Warning” supplements the Warning Package.  Click on the following link to retrieve the compilation article “Luz de Maria — on the Warning”.

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