Petrus Romanus, November 10, 2018



OUR LORD: “I greet you ‘White Rock’ of the Immaculate Heart of Mary! I greet you, My beloved ‘Rock of Salvation’, knowing very well of your trials, but fear not, they will pass very quickly.”

“See all the millions of souls waiting at the chain of the Christmas Trees? They are to be taken today with Me into the Gates of Heaven. Yes, My son, these souls have been in Purgatory for a long time and they have cleansed themselves, to be invited to the Kingdom of My Father.”

“The two Planets standing behind the White Cross are two Planets from your Solar System, which will be moved shortly, so that mankind will feel the essence of the Holy Warning, for mankind have fallen asleep, believing that it will not come.”

“My precious holy son, mankind have fallen asleep allowing only the few who believe in the great manifestation to come. But when it comes, the world will see how foolish mankind has become, allowing human traits and ideas to fill their minds. Mankind truly believe peace has come to them, forgetting what lies ahead. Mankind go from day to day believing that all is well, in spite of the evidence which tells them otherwise.”

“To the people of Europe: You will see war very soon, as the Third World War is about to happen, leaving Our many children unprepared and unaware of the devastation that is arriving.”

“My children, My children: Wake up from your slumber and realize that the end is near, where nations will be annihilated and destroyed. Have you forgotten the Words of My Most Holy Mother given at Fatima – given in so many places on Earth – where Mary, My Most Holy Mother, warned you to pray for Russia and bring the Consecration of Russia before it is too late. It is too late now, My beloved children, because Russia has spread its errors throughout the world, drawing all men into conflict.”

“Italy, Italy: Why have you forsaken the Truth, to follow the calling of the Evil One? I have warned you so much. That of all the Mystics and Holy Souls I raised to warn you – have you listened?”

“Rome O Rome” Why have you given over your soul to the enemy? I have raised countless Mystics and Holy Souls to you so that you will believe, but sadly, only a few have listened to Our calling. You will see one in Italy who will mislead the people and ask that you will sign allegiance to him, to follow the Antichrist. O people of Italy, France and Germany: Many False Leaders will come forward soon to dismantle the European Market, so that the Ten Nations will be formed that will rule, to bring forward the Harlot and Beast, who is waiting for the moment to triumph and draw all men to himself.”

“Be prepared, My sons and daughters, because the time of the Serpent has arrived and My children will be persecuted like never before. Many will be martyred. It is time for all Our children to say at least one Holy Rosary per day and more if you give the time to rescue the faithful ones. Many wars will break out soon, drawing many nations into conflict.”

“The Messages from Heaven have lessened in the world, as the Evil One moves forward, but you are to know the Messages will continue until the Second Coming of My arrival, sweet children, because in spite of the power of the Evil One, you are still My children.”

“To the people of the Middle East: Be watchful and pray, because the One of Evil Spirit is taking over soon, so that His Reign will be seen and heard. Do not believe that it will be silenced, because the Antichrist is waiting until the events occur, so that he will make an entrance, proclaiming a way for peace.”

“Pray My children, pray, so that the Evil One will not have the power and influence over so many people. Pray, My children for the Warning, because it is near. Watch the Heavens, because signs will be given to show you the way.”

“Pray for England, because another terrorist attack will come there.”

“As for you, My precious son: Do not be troubled, as many crosses have come your way. Do not be concerned, for the signs are coming your way so that you will know what to do. My beloved son, you are walking the path that I walked on, but you are being prepared for your coming role as Peter Abraham II. Do not worry, because all those that are to be with you will be given instruction when and where and how this will come about, as much is being prepared quietly hidden, as it will come very powerfully. Patience – and pray.”

“You, My son, have been directed of how to proceed with everything that is to prepare. Fear not, for I am the Guide. I love you very much and do not worry about what is happening to you, because the Evil One is trying to remove you, but he will not succeed, as We of Heaven have very much work for you to do. Peace!”

WILLIAM: Jesus then gave me personal instructions.

OUR LORD: “See these trees I have placed before the Holy Cross? Beneath them I have given long ropes to the souls that will be released today – over one thousand (1,000) of them have been released because of you – see the tree that I have placed in the front line? This tree has the one thousand (1,000) souls that will be going to Heaven today, due to your prayers.”

“Why a Christmas Tree? That is a Mystery – I will tell you one day.”

“Pray for Angela Merkel of Germany, because her life is in danger. She is a dear soul of Mine and I will Bless her: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“Pray for My son, Donald Trump, for he is suffering under the pressures placed upon him. Pray for California, as this State is going to suffer very much, until the land will be severed.”

“Pray for the Entertainers, because they have misled many people of the world. Pray, My children, pray, for mankind need a lot of prayers.”

“Pray, My children – pray the Holy Rosary and the Mercy Chaplet, as these prayers will save the world, but for now My children must pray. I love you, My sweet children and I send the Christmas Angels to you throughout the world. Trust in My Most Holy Mother as She goes around the world seeking the salvation of Her children. I send My Paternal Blessings to all, especially to you, My Chosen Son of Divine Light: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.” (three times).



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