Seventy Second Letter to the Filipinos

The following is an excerpt of the Message to Petrus Romanus, 06-17-18.

“Son, place here once again the Miraculous photo of Jacinta of Fatima, given to Our Prophet, Veronica Lueken of Bayside, New York – as soon this date will be visible to the eyes of your children so that many of them will know that the Warning is very near.”

Miraculous Photo – Jacinta 

“As for you, My precious son, William – Peter Abraham II – your time is now coming, where all that I revealed will be fulfilled. Trust and have hope.”

I have covered the date code on the Twenty Third Letter to the Filipinos as follows:

The message indicates that The Warning and the Illumination of Conscience are near. Refer to the code on the Seal of Jacinta of Fatima ― 1972 ― does the code hint February 7, 2019?  My intuition suggests such date which you should not consider a prophecy.  Anyhow, the message the Lord gave to Petrus Romanus prescribes Conversion, Penance and Prayer.

I’ve drawn the following two excerpts from the most recent Message to Petrus Romanus, 11-10-18.

“The two Planets standing behind the White Cross are two Planets from your Solar System, which will be moved shortly, so that mankind will feel the essence of the Holy Warning, for mankind have fallen asleep, believing that it will not come.”

“Pray My children, pray, so that the Evil One will not have the power and influence over so many people. Pray, My children for the Warning, because it is near. Watch the Heavens, because signs will be given to show you the way.”

Click on the following link to retrieve the full message.


I had interpreted the code “1972” as the date of the Warning to be February 7, 1972.  Both an Australian and a Filipino mystic confirmed me from Revelation to be the date of the Warning.

Prophets that inform dates of future events are general considered dubious and even upright false.  People generally believe true prophets mention events will occur soon, without dates of events.

I have informed my readers that I’m a Messenger of the Holy Spirit for the End Times, whose duties generally transcend prophecies. The Holy Spirit had asked me to write briskly the Warning Package, in four idioms, but never told me the date of the Warning.

Yet the Almighty asked us a few days ago to “Pray, My children for the Warning, because it is near. Watch the Heavens, because signs will be given to show you the way.”  I’ll continue to write diligently and serenely even if I miss the interpretation of the code “1972”.

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