Urgency on Border Wall



The article Massive Globalist Attack contains the following paragraph:

The current border crisis is a test pilot for a major invasion in America, to generate  initially civil unrest and ultimately, if patriots yield,  a coup d’état to place a globalist democrat in the White House and deliver the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave to The Antichrist with the implementation of the New World Order, (NWO).

The Southern Border is also porous to drugs, criminals, and Eradication of Sex Slavery.

President Donald Trump and the Congressional Democratic leadership agreed that America needs effective border security and a border wall is a fundamental component of border security, which is a current national emergency.  The president seeks a 5 billion dollar appropriation for the wall but deems that he won’t get senatorial approval, therefore he hinted a federal government shutdown if Congress doesn’t approve the necessary appropriation.  Both Congressional leaders, Senator Schumer and Representative Pelosi, object a Federal Government shutdown.  President Trump is not very receptive to Congressional alternatives to the timely approval of the Border Wall appropriation.  They have reached an impasse in a critical hour for America.

The impasse resolution is paramount to America because there is also much anti-Americanism in the world, both communists and globalists yearn to control us, and we are in The Brink of World War III.  Several pundits affirm that the Great War will break out very soon.



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