The Brink of World War III



Christ gave the following message to the future, last Pope of the Catholic Church, Pope Peter II, on August 13, 2017.

Note: Refer to Pope Peter II Package.


 OUR LORD: “Peace be with you, My beloved son. The world is in a true state of crisis and this will lead to the Great War. But remember this, the war on the Korean Peninsula is only part of this World War – for the war in Europe must come and the one in the Middle East – which will engulf the whole world and bring the four Super Powers into conflict, which will bring forth the appearance of the enemy of God and men, the Antichrist, who will offer peace to the world – a false peace without God – and all that was written in the Book of Daniel and St John’s Apocalypse, will unfold before man. This will then lead towards My intervention into man’s affairs, with My Act of Divine Mercy of man’s conscience, to be Illuminated by My Holy Spirit.”

“This will lead towards the final stage of the purification, before I return to Earth and bring My New Heaven and New Earth, for My suffering children.”

“My precious son, ‘rock’ of Divine Truth: The Leaders of Nations – especially the United States of America – have to now decide to bring forth the destruction of a Nation that has imprisoned My children, to set them free from the tyrant who leads this Nation. But know well, My children, this Nation is not the only Nation to enslave its children, as many Nations are doing this, in defiance of the Truth known by men, but are afraid to challenge this.”

“Let God’s Teaching from the Old Testament bring you to an understanding, that God Commanded to annihilate a people – men, women and children – to protect the people of God and you will see that sometimes, an act of sheer force to eradicate evil before it grows to bring harm upon themselves, as well as God’s children – action contrary to peace – must be taken. Therefore, there is a Just War, in special circumstances.”

“The Leaders of the world should not have forced the sanctions upon Nations, accruing heavy penalties, as these Nations that have placed these restrictions, have caused the new military action, that is required, but there is a deeper agenda by the Nation with military might, which is hidden from the eyes of men.”

“This is due to the elite and globalists who wish to reduce the world’s people, so that a New World Order – a New World Government and a One world Religion is formed – ruled by the Antichrist and his false Prophet.”

“The eclipse is one like it was when I was Crucified. The alignment of the Planets, that will be seen in the coming months, is to show that the ‘Woman Crowned with the Twelve Stars’, giving birth to the Son of God, had to flee to the desert to protect Him from the Dragon and is symbolic of these times, when the abominations will appear in the Temple of God and the Body of Christ will go into hiding, protected by His Mother – the Blessed Mother of men, My Holy Mother – until the time arrives for My Second Coming, when man will be restored to his original state in the Garden of Eden.”

So that men know that the time of My Justice has arrived, millions of souls will be brought before My Court for Judgment. Therefore, My children, you need to prepare and pray, unceasingly. For truly I say unto you, My children, I am the God of Love and Mercy, but also One of Justice.”

“I Bless you, My son, as I Bless all My children – the good as well as the wicked – who must turn to My Mercy now, for no one will enter My kingdom unclean.”


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11 Responses to The Brink of World War III

  1. Anonymous says:

    Only God knows what and When and Jesus never gives messages of this content.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Flat out falseness. Christ would never resort to the annihaialation of an entire country. Don’t send me this bull.

    • Have you ever heard about Noah’s ark? Is it also false and bull for you? The Almighty Father doomed an entire world generation to start anew with only the people in the ark. Believe it or not!

  3. Sarah cutter says:

    I have to hand it to you for your strong imagination talking about a pope that doesn’t seem to have been born. Only an uneducated idiot would absorb this fantasy.

    • Sarah, is also the Antichrist a fantasy for you? He’s an adult from Europe who will debut at the end of World War III. The future Pope Peter II is in the middle sixties and will also debut after World War III. We are moving rapidly to the Second Coming of Christ, and you will have the opportunity to test your opinions. Blessings.

  4. Hi there! It’s a nice article. Print media is a wonderful source of information.

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