Seventy Eighth Letter to the Filipinos



 Excerpts from the article “Luz de Maria, 11-30-18”


THE PERSECUTION OF MY CHURCH IS INCREASING; you are not yet experiencing it in a generalized way, although that day is approaching when those who have emigrated to other countries throughout the world will take possession of the headquarters of My Church, and the latter will have to be moved to another country – not before the martyrs of this instant bathe the earth with their blood, especially Rome.

Pray My children, pray for the United States, it continues suffering through Nature and from within.

Pray My children, pray for Russia, it surprises the world.

Hint:  The United States sex slavery including pedophilia, urgently build the southern border wall and combat treason — Patriots vs. Globalists.

Hint:  Russia will invade Europe soon.

Click on the following link to retrieve the article “Luz de Maria, 11-30-18”.



Excerpt from the article “Yellow Vest Protests”


“The Reign of the Antichrist – the Son of Perdition – is near, and I call all children of the Americas and the world to prayer,” said our Mother and Protectress of the Americas and the whole world.”

Click on the following link to retrieve the article “Yellow Vest Protests”.

Hint:  Emmanuel Macron, the President of France, is a globalist related to the Rothschild family.  He generated the present French crisis raising taxes to the nation, but  the upper class.



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