Guillotines in FEMA Camps





I had learned about Guillotines in FEMA Camps during the Obama Administration, but evidently that was not the time to reveal the introduction of guillotines in America, because the people probably would not believe me and the revelation would trigger my obituary.  … For everything there is TIME …

Both videos produced in 2013 demonstrate that former President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton intended to comply with the New World Order (NOW) and with the upcoming Reign of The Antichrist.  Obama and Clinton, are you yourselves ready to face the guillotine?  Never subject your neighbor to such cruel death because they might be deemed expendable by the NOW. Don’t you both know that NOW is Satan’s Plan for Humanity, Satan is the worst loser Humanity has known, and his motto is lie and deceit?  Repent Obama and Clinton, and acknowledge that Christ died on a cross to save you!

The tide has been gradually turning to abhor the NWO and the Mainstream Media, and the Alternative Media is gaining courage to expose NOW and Sexual Crimes Against Children.  Americans of Goodwill, rally behind President Trump to prevent the guillotine and Sex Crimes against Children and Women.









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