Russia May Initiate World War III





It follows two extracts from the article “Petrus Romanus, 12-21-18”:

The Great War is soon to come to mankind and when this comes, We of Heaven, will be very sad, because mankind have forgotten what they were born for. Millions upon millions of people will die in the world – good and bad people.”

The plans for the War are already prepared. Mankind believe that men will live in satisfaction forever, but they forget that eternity is at stake. The Great War that will come to the Earth, will be one that will start in Europe and in the Middle East and from there will move on to Asia.”

Russia may recolonize Europe and the country has stakes in the Middle East, particularly in Syria.  Therefore, Russia may now relocate warfare to operate in both military theatres to initiate World War III.






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3 Responses to Russia May Initiate World War III

  1. Kathy Mitchell says:

    Sorry, but this doesn’t make sense. We have more nukes than Russia and China combined. Putin knows that to initiate a war would result in Russia’s eradication. Why would he do such a stupid thing???

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