Eighty First Letter to the Filipinos

Excerpts of the article “Petrus Romanus, 01-01-19”



Our Lord


Pray My children for China, as China is the sleeping giant who is waking and stirring up all the nations who have gone asleep. But know this, My children, many in China are slowly waking up to the truth, for My Sign will be manifested there, as many of My children [are] waiting for their salvation and I will send My ‘Pure White Rock’ to administer to them, as one of the Main Queens will come from there, who will bring My children to the Promised Land. And you, My son, will go over there to bring My people to the Promised Land. Pray, My son, because doors are going to open up very soon.”

“Pray, pray sweet children now, more than ever, because the fulfilment of all the prophecies is about to take place. The Vatican is to be laid low very soon, as hidden acts will be performed, so that the Antichrist will be seated there to display the works of the Evil One.”

“Pray, My beloved children and, as for you, My beloved son William, your time is coming soon, so that you will be able to act and clear the path for the renewal of Holy Mother Church. Be strong and have faith, for I count on you. I Bless you: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. I will allow My most patient and Holy Mother to speak to you.”


Our Lady


“My beloved children, I know the road I have placed you upon is very difficult and very complicated, because the Antichrist knows who you are and knows that you will vanquish him in time, as you are My ‘Instrument’ that is called to rule the Church and guide the people of God to the Promised Land. That is why it is difficult at times to fulfil and do as My Divine Son, Jesus, has asked you, but regardless of the power of the Antichrist, his power is but minute to Jesus, My Divine Son.”

It is in Jesus’ Will that you go to China to lift up the people who will make the road clear for you to enter the Philippines, so pray for this as much is at stake. You will receive an opening that will make this happen.”

“My children, you must pray that the Vicar of Christ be strong enough to flee Rome, because it is near – for once the fighting begins in the Middle East, it will be near for him to leave Rome and then the Vatican will place the Communist Flag over the Vatican. Even when he flees Rome he must watch carefully as the enemy desires to remove his life in another country. Pray for Pope Benedict, My children, because everything is very near. The two volcanoes in Italy will soon blow their tops; it is not long after that, that Rome will be in a state of shock and Pope Benedict will be seen no more.”




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