Bloody Hands



I have started my blog with Catholic doctrine and shifted gradually to social and political topics.  Am I on my right mind?  The Holy Spirit ordered me to write some essays, such as  about locutions, India and Philippines.  Some readers may wonder why I insist on the Pro-Life Package and the Sexual Crimes Package, instead of waiting for our elected officials to resolve those issues.

This article’s video advocates my social and political essays.  We are not Christians only on Sunday Mass and overlook divine laws during the week — The Lukewarm Church.  Remember we are a Militant.  What would happen to a passive soldier in a battle front? Furthermore, I write under the auspices of the Holy Spirit and therefore I should be diligent and proactive, since he has assured me His continuous assistance.

Christ has commanded me to uphold patriotism against globalism in a Locution prior to the presidential election of 2016.


“Manuel, I’m Jesus and I ask you to write immediately an article about Hillary Clinton, for she is persecuting Me and My horrific sacrifice on the cross on behalf of My brethren. Warn My Remnant Army if she is elected president I will have to flex my muscle upon America.”



Click on the following link to retrieve the article Hillary Alert.

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  1. Kathy Mitchell says:

    Excellent! It is up to EVERY Christian Catholic or not) to fight Satan and evil! I am not trying to be boastful but many people of the world follow America in both thought process and action. We must be a shining example of God’s Love and reject fear and cowardice in the face of evil!!!

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