Pro-Life Package



People of goodwill who have denounced the heinous sale of fetus organs by Planned Parenthood prompted me to compile a Pro-Life Package.  Know the Heavenly Truth and fight the Abortion industry.

Click the following links in descending order:


Pro-Life Trial

March for Life

Saint Gabriel’s Call

Planned Parenthood

Interview with Planned Parenthood President

Cruelty in America

Where’s Fear of the Lord

Fight for Life

Post-Abortion Syndrome

Mother of Aborted Child

Points to Ponder

Anatomy Lesson for Feminists

Musing Defunding Planned Parenthood

Abortion Truth

Where were the Women?

Rosary of the Unborn

Abortion is Against Women

The Consul of Bordeaux

Hillary’s Dilemma about Abortion

A Warning for Americans

Hellish Tempest

Unborn lives Matter

The king is Naked!

Catholicism and Cafeteria Plan

Blessed Mother and Abortion

Pro-Choice Buster

Respect Life

Beware California

Pray for Life

Reverse Roe vs Wade

God to President Trump

DOJ Investigates Planned Parenthood

God’s Judgments on Abortion

Abominating California

Ban on Late Abortion

Ready for Chastisement

Collins & Murkowski

Supreme Court Replacement

Pro-Life Billboard across Ohio, USA

To the US Senate Again

Wrong Choice of Trump

Rush the Reverse of Roe vs Wade

Collins & Murkowski’s Life Stances

Rape and Murder Threats

Supreme Court Reconfiguration

Beware New York

Roe vs Wade Dilemma 

SCOTUS Will Overturn Roe vs Wade

Defend Life and Women

Sweeden’s Pro-Life March

Women Regret Abortion

Pro-Choice vs Pro-Life

My Aborted Prophet

Gifts to Pro-Life

Beware Rhode Island


Ginsburg: Dead or Alive

Insist on the Reverse of Roe vs Wade

Write on Abortion

Your Dog is Pro-life

Mother Teresa and Hillary Clinton

Trump vs Satan

Abortion in New York

Beware Australia

Schumer vs God

Letter from God

True or False

Message to Americans

New York’s Moral Chaos

The Greatest Debate

Abortion War in Rhode Island, USA

Congress Pro-Life Initiative


Abortion flares up God’s wrath because the Heavenly Father loves infinitely His preborn and born children.

Do Not Fight Against God


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