Sinister Events






The narrator is absolutely right … What sinister events will come next to the United States and to the World?

This is not a contest because the United States and the World are living a critical hour, and all outcome scenarios are undesirable except Congress funding of the Border Wall.  I hope democrats fund the wall, because otherwise President Trump will surely declare a State of Emergency and subsequent Martial Law if civil unrest warrants it.  In any national outcome, President Trump will send troops to the Southern Border Wall in anticipation of an invading caravan presently moving through Central America and Mexico.

World War III  and a world financial collapse may occur soon with US repercussions, primarily in financial markets.

All ominous scenarios stem from educated guesses that may not materialize.  Yet, it is wise to turn to the rock of salvation and pray for pardon and mitigation of material and human casualties.

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