Crash of 2019






Read the article The Verge of Precipice.  Click on the following link to retrieve the article.



Beware of the spiritual component of both articles, because the dead don’t carry their finances to the spiritual realm.

Let’s examine the natural financial realm.  A Worldwide Financial Collapse is in Prophecy, and the claims in the videos of this article and The Verge of Precipice follow Prophecy.  Therefore, the claims are not mine.

Bo Polny presents charts and Technical Analysis to derive a MATHEMATICAL ANALYSIS Table for Quantitative Analysis.  Observe the Dow closed Wednesday, January 16, 2019 at 24,207 after an advance of approximately 142 points and 0.6% on the session.

I find fair, based on my educational background, Bo Polny’s mathematical projection of a DOW collapse to 12,000.



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