Holy Spirit will Renew the Earth





The site Message of Our Mother Mary to the World published the article. 

The Church has failed severely, and the abomination is great — the hour of great darkness!  The heavens are open to the descent of the Holy Spirit.



Carbonia, 02.06.2019
Hours 16:24

“In the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

• My loved children, be vigilant in this last time, because Satan will try to snatch the soul.
• My children, stand firm in your faith in Christ Jesus my Son.

Soon everything will be different, the intervention of God the Father on this Humanity will put things in a different situation, will transform everything, erase the evil and the good will rule, and put her children in a new world, a new paradise.

Here it is that the heavens are open to the descent of the Holy God, the One who created everything and everything returns to resume in Himself.
The Church now has failed, its failure is severe, the abomination is great!
Now the walls of Rome tremble, the earth will be shaken in each hand, disobedience to Me in their hearts tremble, but will not have the time to repent, for I fulminerò them with the power of my Spirit.

Beloved children, you come to the end of an ancient time, we are entering the Age New, a new organization where only the Creator God will guide his people and where evil never will look for God will dwell with his children.

Dear children, believe that soon this hill will shine the light of Heaven, the door will open up the exit of the Divine Son of God: • One who has given everything for the salvation of this unjust Humanity! • of this perverse humanity! • This Humanity that had no respect for the One who gave his life for his salvation!

It is the hour of great darkness !!!
The whole Earth is already shrouded in darkness, like this Humanity is enveloped in darkness!

Few lights that shine in the dark! Those are my real children! Those who remain faithful to my Word and follow my voice! Those who pray the rosary in his hand! Those who praise their God night and day Love! They sing hymns of glory to Him and beg his early intervention!

This Colle now will be put under new conditions. This Colle arise new plants, clear water springs, and new hearts will come to live there forever.

That God opens the doors of the Heavenly Jerusalem to his children in the world, to all those who have been able to be fair, that will have been able to administer the gifts received, and in righteousness, and have loved their neighbors as themselves and loved God above all else.

It is time for new things, my children!
The powerful will now be reversed and the children will be raised; everything is close, hear my voice and follow only that.
Do not be no fear because God will save his children, put their side his angels, and they will be protected.

Manifestatevi in Me, O ye my prophets, manifestatevi in Me all ye are called to defend the Work of God! Defend True Doctrine, the True Teaching of the Church.

Be united, encourage one another and share equally all; God sees, God from the law in your hearts, sees everything, to Him nothing can be hidden.

My children, act like I ask you, you are faithful to my word, my will, so that you can get all in my New Kingdom on Earth, what will I am opening.
Be blessed of the Lord!

Holy Mary with you on this hill!
She joins your hands to your hands and pray with you my early return.
Love my children and love Him who so loved you.

I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son of the Holy Spirit. Amen.”

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