Eighty Seventh Letter to the Filipinos



Excerpts from the article “Petrus Romanus, 02-24-19”


“My beloved and holy son, do not be afraid because the world must be chastised, as man goes further into darkness and I cannot allow this to continue. The two asteroids are close by, My son, but not yet naked to the eye. The world will get a shock, because I am going to allow one of them to enter the Earth to wake up mankind, before the Antichrist – the man of unbelievable sin – enters in full, [into] man’s affairs.

“Mankind, what are you doing with the world? You are corrupting it with filth and debauchery. The City in Rome in the Holy See is covering itself up, because it knows how shameful it is in the slavery of the Holy Innocents. You O Rome, who have silenced the Prophets and Holy Ones, will soon quake as the time is right for My Hand to fall upon a City, which once was the City that beheld the Holy Ones who proclaimed the Truth.”

“War will soon come to your Nation [Italy], as the Evil One prepares your Nation – all because you have had the Holy Saints, Martyrs and Vicar for many centuries, yet you will not face the Truth, because men and women have given themselves over to witchcraft, sodomy and debauchery – sacrificing the young – giving in to Satan’s wishes. I have raised more Seers and Visionaries in Italy than any other Nation and yet, what has become of them? The two volcanoes will be released soon to show the country, Italy, that God is very angry.

To the children of Spain: Why do you allow the Evil One to rule your nation? Cast evil out, because I have plans for Spain, so that all nations will follow. Listen to My White Cross [Apparition] which has been placed aside, even though I had sent My ‘White Rock’ to rescue them, but Spain has disregarded him also – My ‘White Rock’ of Truth – the Little Pebble. Pray, dear children, so that Spain will be woken up.”

To My children of Portugal: I have given you one of the greatest places on Earth – the Holy Shrine of Fatima – yet, people still deny it and have become atheist in their country. What must I do to wake you up?”

To the people of France, who are struggling now with internal problems. You too, have swallowed the lies, but have placed aside the Truth of My Apparition of the Immaculate Conception. You have become as spoilt brats. What will you do when war breaks out in your nation? Will you go back to Lourdes, when you have had many years to make reparation?

O children of France: Listen to My Voice, as I call all Frenchmen to go back to the Truth. You have allowed Muslims to take over your Nation instead of preaching the Truth. Yes, be charitable, but it depends how you allow this. Would they allow you to preach Christ in their lives and country. Think what you are doing, My children. Your faith has become very weak and before long, war will come to France. Therefore, return to Christ before it is too late.

“My children [Germany], you must be careful in receiving so many outlanders, because many of them are sent to your country to destroy the Nation, but humanity have not guarded themselves and it is because of this, War is coming from Russia, because Russia has not converted to Christianity, as requested by My Most Holy Mother, in 1917. When will My people understand this request of Heaven?

“My children, the Antichrist is moving swiftly in Jerusalem and other Nations and preparing his arrival very swiftly, while mankind is falling asleep. Many countries are falling into a web of self-destruction and falling into the wiles of Satan, because mankind has become weak, even though I have requested My children over the last one hundred (100) years to prepare for My Coming and the final days of mankind.”

“Be prepared, children! Continue to go to Mass, even though many Masses are a mockery – but I am still present in the Holy Eucharist and will make reparation for mankind is very close to receiving a major chastisement. Pray the Rosary and the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, because without the prayers, the chastisement will fall.

“My children – My children: I am waiting for Our children’s response, because mankind does not realize that time is moving swiftly.

“Wait and pray, because major events are in preparation. The Comets are nearly ready for the Great Warning to come; many will be surprised.”

Proceed to write to all Actors who live in the place where they make movies, because it is time for the place of California to be removed from the face of the Earth and the people of that State must leave now to a safer place. I will help you, My son.”

Your health is good, My son, but you have many things that need watching over, but be not afraid, because I am watching over you. I love you, William, the Last Vicar for My Church. Watch how things play out in Rome, because Francis is not well. Pray, dear son and sweet children. I Bless you and give you strength: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

“Remember children, do not forget your Loving Mother, Mary – She always waits for your call.




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