Sweden’s Pro-Life March





Sweden’s pro-lifers march amid threats from Satanist group



STOCKHOLM, Sweden, March 27, 2019 (LifeSiteNews)

Pro-life marches gather large crowds in several countries in the spring. For example, in Argentina last week, up to two million people filled the streets, while in the U.S., over one hundred thousand braved the January cold in Washington.

In a country like Sweden, the situation is quite different, but  this year the organization Livsval (Life Choice), founded in 2017, put out an appeal for people to gather in the capital, Stockholm, on March 24, to listen to speeches and to walk six hundred meters together with homemade signs.

Max Skalenius, 21, a Catholic from Gothenburg in Western Sweden, traveled four hours to Stockholm with two friends to participate in the march. They were happy to meet with forty other young Catholics, but many were nervous of a satanic attack. The Society of Satan, part of The Global Order of Satan, had on March 5 put an appeal for a counter-demonstration.  As a precaution, the Catholic youngsters brought exorcized salt, water, and rosaries.

Onlookers were curious and took pictures with their cell phones of the people with their signs — “Yes to life, No to Abortion,” Unplanned and Eternally Valuable,” while protesters carried large signs with messages like “Yes to Abortion,”  “Jesus is an Invention,” and some shouted “Hang God.”

For Skalenius, the event was a dream come true, “I have always dreamt of being part of something like this in Sweden. It was such a joy to see. And the pro-life movement is here to stay. I really believe in that.”

The Catholic youth met after with one of the priests in the town center  to pray a rosary and recite the Lauretanian litany. Finally, the priest blessed the small group.  For these young people,  the sensation was daring to oppose the opinion of political and cultural power.

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