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This video will show you how to heal painful memories that perpetuate negative patterns in life.  We will dive deep into the story and emotions connected to the memories as well as how to let go of what doesn’t serve.  The intention is that after this video you will understand Exactly how clean the slate of negative experiences to be who you are meant to be.  Transcript below…

“Welcome back to another video. My name is Aaron, and I help people expand their consciousness. In this video, I’ll be sharing with you three ways to heal past memories. I believe this video can transform the way that you look about the story that you tell yourself, and helping you give a profound difference to the power that you give to the past, so that you can ultimately become the person that you prefer to be. The underlying basis of this video is understanding this idea that I want to share with you about neuroscience, and what neuroscience has come to show is that any time that we are thinking of something that happened in the past, what we do is in that moment, we take the memory from the past out of the memory bank. We then look at it again, and then we slightly change the memory before we put it back into the memory bank for future use. The importance of understanding this is knowing that the memory of what actually really happened gets skewed every time that we pull it out of the memory bank, and we look at it.”

“The importance of knowing this is that we can then see that the story, the perception around that memory that we develop over and over again continues to skew what actually happened, and then what happens is in the present moment, that pattern can then have projected power over us in the future, because it’s a pattern that we keep practicing every time we think about it, and the way that we feel about it is going to affect what happens in the future. The idea behind this is that the story that we tell ourselves is the most important thing that we can learn to let go of, because when we let go of that story that’s combined around that memory of what happened, that’s when the emotional charge goes away. Then we can actually be who we prefer to be. The first one is forgiveness. Forgiveness for me was one of the trigger points to where I was really able to let go of the power that the past had over me, and in order to really forgive, realize this isn’t just about forgiving the other person of someone that may have done you wrong.”

“It’s also about forgiving yourself. Sometimes we can be the most hard on ourselves. We can beat ourselves up for something happening, and ask the question, “Why me?” I was thinking we should’ve done in regret, we should’ve done something different than what we did. Realize that it’s also about forgiving ourselves as much as it is about forgiving the other person. The charge from any memory that we have, the emotional charge we have we can let go of by simply forgiving the situation, the other person, and ourselves. Let me give you an example of how I use this. Between the ages of when I was nine to about 15, I had an ex-stepmom that was in my life during that period of my life, and she was someone that was very discipline, she had a very strict, discipline-type mentality. She was a very angry person, and there were certain things that happened that just made it so that when we came out of it, and even when we were in it, me and my brother, who were in it together, were just … We went through so much pain from it.”

“After that happened, and the divorce happened when I turned 15, I had to learn how to forgive her for everything, to really let go of the emotion. Years later was when I really learned a lot of this information, so up until that point, this was when I was really able to let go of that pattern, but realize any time we have an emotion or a grudge against someone else, we are holding onto that pattern. Therefore, we are much more likely in the future to create more situations of it since it will resonate with those different type of experiences. The way that I had to learn how to forgive, and this is something that you could do for any situation, is realize that any time someone does something to you, they are doing it from a rationalized point of view, meaning it’s probably the way that they grew up. It’s probably something that they learned from someone else. It’s probably some limiting belief they have that makes them think that they have to do it.”

“The reason this makes it easier is the idea is that we don’t understand what someone else goes through, and that being said, it makes it easier to look at them and see that they’re doing it from a rationalized point of view. When I look at her, I can see that her dad probably treated her the same way. I can see that that’s how she grew up. She believes in some type of needing that power over somebody else, and because of that…”




To avoid such nuisance, it is convenient to remove from our mind those bitter and sad memories that want to nest in the mind as harmful rodents. Living with bitter memories causes them to be recorded in the mind that afterwards we are not able to remove the bitter memories which fill the soul with vain restlessness and useless bitterness. If someone humiliated and attacked us unjustly, the person made our humility grow and exercised us in patience. Have we committed many serious sins in the past? We have already confessed them, and we have asked God to forgive us. Why do we keep reminding them? Rather, immerse the sins in the immense ocean of God’s goodness and mercy. Why do we torment with these memories of a past we cannot change? Place the past in the hands of God and live joyful and optimistic the present, striving for good behavior.







Ever wonder why you are holding on to those negative experiences and bad memories from your past? Struggling to get rid of these thoughts and emotions that are limiting you in life.

Watch this video to discover four reasons why we hold on to negative experiences and bad memories and three simple steps to overcome them.



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  1. Kathy Mitchell says:

    Excellent advice from all! And in the end, when we realize that God forgives us, WE can forgive others and ourselves which leads many to Christ! Forgiveness is the key in life and Christ knew it was important enough to sacrifice His life for it! He loved us that much.

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