Pray for President Trump






Jesus says… Pray for President Trump…
Prayer is the decisive Factor that he survives

May 2, 2019 – Words from Jesus to Sister Clare

(Clare) Lord Jesus, thank You for Your warnings and giving us new chances to prove our love for You. Dear Lord, I have not loved You with all my mind, because it has wandered. Help us to keep our gaze on Your hand, Lord, and to move when you say move. Amen.

Heartdwellers, we are at that point again. I do hope you’ve recovered a bit, because we really need to drench President Trump in prayer. He is going to England on Friday (May 3, 2019) to meet the Queen (It is a secretive trip, which is not known to the public). Dear ones, please pray and fast. If the attempts on his life are successful, WW3 will happen very soon afterwards. And of course, the Rapture will occur in the midst of the chaos.

Please, families. All over the world. This is not a national danger. This means the end of peace on Earth, and millions will be killed in every country. So, please consider this something we must pray against. No matter what nation we were born into, we are still citizens of Heaven. So, all that occurs on Earth belongs to us, as well.

I am coming to the conclusion, there is time for music, and there is time for art and there is time for prayer. And prayer always comes first. Especially in national emergencies. After all, what good would a song or painting do if the world blew up tomorrow? How many could it possibly touch?

So, I am asking those who are in love with their Jesus, to cover our President during this time when he is at a very high risk. Dear Ones, our President is alive right now because WE prayed. He is in office right now, because WE prayed. And will continue to destroy the stronghold of evil on our nation, because WE prayed.

Lord, what do You have to say?

(Jesus) “Clare, it is imperative that everyone pray. I will tell you this much: the scheme is extremely elaborate and multifaceted. And if one thing doesn’t work, he will be shuffled into another attempt — and another and another. They are not going to let him leave alive if it is at all possible.

“But they are men, and I am God. And if enough prayer and fasting go up, he will make it through alive. There will be numerous attempts while he is in the air, as well. They are not taking any chances on him living even one more day.

“Pray for supernatural coverage. Pray for the Secret Service agents to receive direction from the Holy Spirit. Pray they will be sensitive, and especially prepared for a round of attempts causing chaos and throwing them off guard. They are highly trained but this trip will tax their abilities to survive.

“Prayer will be the decisive factor in his survival.”

(Clare) Lord, may I add something?

(Jesus) “Yes, you may, dear one.”

(Clare) Let’s also pray and ask Mother Mary to wrap him in her cloak that no harm can come to him. Or to his wife, if she is there.

(Jesus) “My Love, there is nothing superstitious about asking My mother to pray with you. In fact, it is the Marian multiplier. When she is praying with you, your petitions are presented to My Father with enormous blessing attached. For those who understand the Scriptures and are humble enough to ask for her intercession. For them, great favor is added to their prayer.



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