Notre Dame: Destruction Message






April 18, 2019 – Words from Jesus to Sister Clare

(Clare) Thank You, Lord, for the strong confirmation on the state of your Church. For those who are appointed to carry on, please give us the grace to live and teach Your Gospels to reach all nations, free of personal interest and corruption. Amen.

Well, dear ones. This is an interesting message. It just kind of popped up. I wasn’t expecting it.

Jesus began… “Rome and Alexandria, etc., etc. have adopted some of the courtly ways of the rich and powerful. This is not to My liking. Sincerity and simplicity the poor can absorb is what I want for My priests. Rome is falling, and so will all other bodies of Believers fall if they introduce riches, power, and esteem of men through their liturgies.

“They were warned from the beginning by the Apostles but chose instead their own will and fame to gain power, position, and respect by the corrupted wealthy.

“There will come a time, when I am on the Earth, that liturgy will be reformed. But you, a man, merely mortal, cannot improve on the Last Supper I celebrated with My Apostles. If you wish to be pleasing to Me alone and not to men, you will put down these foolish impulses to imitate the World.

“Cleave to My Heart with all your strength and go back to the way I did it. Although you can include the simple prayers of repentance and supplications for others. This will most edify Me, along with bringing copious fruit free of worldly contamination.

“My Dearest, I feel that I am speaking to brass walls when all My entreaties are ignored, and men’s ways are preferred. You are fighting against a monster of immense proportions that Satan has erected in the churches over the centuries. This is why your pleas feel as though they fall on deaf ears.

“For the sake of the Faith, I will not chastise or make an issue out of it at this time. But rotten fruit will spring up everywhere the ministers are cleaving to worldly ways.

“To be truthful with all of you, I would prefer My Supper to be celebrated in a grass hut with banana leaves and simple clay dishes. Because of the corruption of liturgies and consecrated altar objects, in their excessive wealth, the poor are starving and cry out to Heaven for justice. And have done so through all generations.

“But this will become clear to you when I come. For now, the desire of My Heart is simplicity and even poverty, done with great respect for My Body and Blood. But who will hear Me? Who has ears to listen?

“Have you not seen the destruction of Notre Dame? Do you not perceive a message in this? The message is simple… now the time has come to destroy compromise in My Church, and its acrid fruit.

“When you are standing before the guillotine, you will know the significance of My Faith. Not when you are standing before a great work of art and architectural wonder.



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