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Jesus says… I grant you 5 more Years to touch Others for Me…

May 13, 2019 – Words from Jesus to Sister Clare

(Clare) Thank You, Lord, for your tremendous Mercy. But will anyone believe it?

Precious family, the Lord has given me some news. Some persons will stone me, like when I said we had three more years before the Rapture, but I will not compromise to anybody. man. What I am telling you has been confirmed many times.  During this time, the Lord is going to catapult us into a new personal springtime of our lives.

Jesus began… “I have given you this time, because you prayed and have worked with the gifts I have given you. I have seen your tears and heard your pleas for loved ones. I have seen My People rise up in government and confront the enemy’s plan.”

“I have seen all of you struggle with breakthroughs, and I am the God of breakthroughs. And they are coming: Unexpected progress with your gifts. Going from plodding along to sailing along. Singing a new song of victory. Many of you have worn yourselves out with effort in your gifts. I say to you… come into the slipstream of Grace where I will carry you effortlessly into a new competence, a new ability to master the things you have struggled with.”

“Many of you will have breakthroughs in your relationship with Me. You will be leaving the World behind and embracing Me in solitude, in the wilderness. Mother Clare is not the only one preparing prayer communities. There is a wave of anointing coming upon you that will cause such dissatisfaction with the World you will finally make a break from it. I will give you the courage to see clearly what you must do and to follow through on it.”

“Yes, you have suffered much, My dear ones. But on the heels of that comes breakthroughs and the contemplation of My sweet Presence. You are learning and have learned that deep joy and satisfaction come only from Me. So, I am accompanying you on this journey to holiness by providing all that you need to live a life of prayer and sacrifice, honoring all My deepest desires. Yes, I am telling you, you will walk into a renaissance of opportunities to love and serve Me, with a greater anointing and greater power. Indeed, I reward My servants who give so much of themselves to bring My Kingdom to Earth.”

(Clare) It was the end of His first message. Here’s another one…

There is a very real reason for the Lord to establish “The Refuge of My Sacred Heart” — this mountain property with two hermitages and a chapel. There is much work to do, and We have been gone for 20 years. The animals, the wind, and vandals have made a mess! But we stand firm cleaning it.

Dear ones, the Lord has announced to me we have 5 more years before the Rapture. He said this without conditions, but I believe it is important continue on Our Father’s business for this to stand.

I will not declare it’s dependent on us — He said is we have five more years. I believe if there’s a great movement towards God in this nation and around the world, intercessors  fasting and praying on a mountain will be a major contribution to compel the movement.




The Bible mentions events before Christ Second Coming, such as the construction of the Third Temple of Jerusalem and the Abomination of Desolation.  Christ Second Coming is Nigh, but we should rather seek salvation than predict Christ Second Coming.

Click on the following link to retrieve the article The Kingdom of God is Nigh.





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