Gifts to Pro-Life

This article the transfer of the “Where’s Fear of the Lord” from the Gifts Package to the Pro-Life Package.

Click on the following link to retrieve the article.






I received some negative comments from some about the article “Where’s Fear of the Lord.”  For example,  “it is Satanism!” asserted some readers.  It was the most read article of my blog  yesterday and today, and I submitted the article to a Roman Catholic bishop, who asserted the article was very well written, and approved my suggestion to reclassify the article.

The article shows a confrontation between Pro-Life and Pro-Choice before a Planned Parenthood Clinic.  Pro-Life members show respect for God and His creation while Pro-Choice members show disrespect for God and His creation.  The Pro-Choice members belong to a Satanist Group, and the Holy Spirit’s gift of “Fear of the Lord” is at the heart of the confrontation.

Click on the following link to retrieve the article “Fear of the Lord.”





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