Warning to America






Jesus said to Peter Elama on July 13, 2019.

“My people, I just gave you a message that you would see one disaster after another. Your first hurricane to hit your country is flooding Louisiana, and the people could not go about their pleasures on this weekend. There is plenty of sin in this area which is why they have flooding and power outages. Another incident is a power outage on Manhattan, New York City, that is causing a blackout on the anniversary of the 1977 blackout, and it is causing 60,000 customers to lose power. There is also plenty of sin in New York City as well to receive this punishment. Your people only take notice of things that affect their wallet of money. If this is the only way to get your attention about your sins, then expect more of these incidents. My people need to stop your abortions and sexual sins, and change your lives; otherwise, I will change them for you.”




God has punished Louisiana and New York City where abound abortion and sexual sins. Take heed America! “Expect more of these incidents,” said Jesus.

God wants America purified: (1) America gets closer to God, otherwise  (2) God will chastise America.

(1) This is an intelligent approach.

(2) Creation rises against man because man does not correspond to God.

America, follow God and reject Satan.



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  1. William says:

    21/7/19 Dear Manuel, blessings be to you and thank you for the work you do, but I am a bit concerned about the message of Peter Elama. The message sounds okay but it has nothing in it. Can you please explain as I am most interested. William Costellia

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