Wheat and Tares






The stock market will crash soon and god is so disturbed about abortion and Trump impeachment.

We must vote for Trump again because he follows God and supports the right to life.  Evil is very active now and has many demoniac entities in the U.S. Government.

The stock market may crash, and America may feel the wrath of God this October 2019. The rebirth of the Church will ensue under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  He is the member of the Holy Trinity least known and the most active in the world.  The Holy Spirit is Power that Christians must receive, including President Donald Trump, to overcome satanic snares.

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We have two main political parties in America: Republican and Democrat.  A political ideology — The New World Order (NWO) — has tainted both parties, particularly the Democratic Party.  I felt doom and gloom after publishing the article NWO, and Christ gave me a message through a stigmatic seer to quit the gloom and doom and strive for the salvation of souls. NOW has generated two political classes: Patriot or Globalist.

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Evil is rampant and The Antichrist, Christ’s impostor, will debut soon.  I wrote the article False Christs, with two rules of thumb, to prevent Antichrist’s deceit.

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