One Hundredth Sixth Letter to the Filipinos






This is the leading video of the article Wheat and Tares I wrote yesterday. The reporter mentions the expression “The Birthing of the Church” between the 15 and 16 minutes of the video. I recorded the expression in my mind and today the Holy Spirit asked me to write to you about the New Pentecost of the Catholic Church in your land.

The Holy Spirit is a second nature to me, but I am a sinner, and want to be loyal to you. It was with some trepidation I initiated this letter, but the Holy Spirit removed all doubt and trepidation.


“Manuel, do you remember when I asked you the first time to write to the Philippines?  Yes Lord, I was moving the lawn in my backyard near my detached garage.  I’m asking you to write to our Filipino Brethren about ‘The Birth of the Church’ in their nation when you are again mowing the lawn in the same spot.  Do not be afraid.”


It follows an excerpt of a message from Jesus to the prophetess Luz de Maria on June 18, 2014.




Pray for England, the antichrist walks in its streets.


The Antichrist will debut soon, he will take the chair of Saint Peter, the Vatican will fall, but “The Birthing of the Church” under the pontificate of Peter II will occur in Manila, the Philippines.

I have written many articles about the Holy Spirit I will keep sending to you for your Spiritual Growth.  The Dynamic Catholic Package is vital to elevate you to a higher spiritual level.

Click on the following link to retrieve the package.




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