One Hundred Seventh Letter to the Filipinos






I kneeled and started to pray before Jesus in the Eucharist, during my Eucharistic Hour, and the Holy Spirit interjected:

“Write to the Philippines about Charisms because I want to outpour them over the people.”

The Holy Spirit asked me recently to increase my correspondence with you, and I wondered about the theme of my next letter.  Thank you Holy Spirit for Your guidance!

A minute later a Hispanic entered the Eucharistic Chaplet with a written board and placed it before the Eucharistic throne.

“Estamos orando por los servidores y participantes del seminario de vida en el Espiritu Santo”.

The English translation of the Spanish message:

“We are praying for the servants and participants of the seminar Life in the Holy Spirit.”

“When will the seminar start?” I asked her.  Tomorrow, Saturday, October 19, at 4 PM.  I plan to participate because when Grace comes our way, we should embrace it.




Click on the following link to retrieve the article Nine Charisms.




The two most powerful expressions to direct to the Holy Spirit are: “Come Holy Spirit,” and “Surrender to the Holy Spirit.”

Come Holy Spirit and Renew the Philippines.  Amen.




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