Pandemic Prophecy and Safe Havens






We are living amid a serious pandemic that woke up many people who stopped bickering and focused in life.  Governments ordered people to social distancing and confine to their homes among other precautionary measures.

Horror will fill the world per the article “Seals and Horsemen of the Apocalypse”, and the Holy Spirit will order God’s elect to confine in Safe Havens.




Click the following link to retrieve the article “Seals and Horsemen of the Apocalypse”.




The pandemic will pass and the building of Safe Havens will accelerate to protect God’s elect during the Tribulation until Christ Second Coming.  God’s elect must contribute financially to the developments of Safe Havens, as the Jews contributed to the development of the two Temples of Jerusalem.  The security of God’s elect will be at high stake . . .



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