Petrus Romanus, March 31, 2020



ETERNAL FATHER: “In the Name of the Father + and the Son + and of the Holy Spirit + Amen.”

“My Child, My Sweet martyred Instrument, I ask you to communicate to all of humanity this great resounding Message so that they know all that will happen again. Men persist in offending My Heart. Sin abounds everywhere on Earth. Thirsty and greedy, men are sinking deeper and deeper. Blinded, they no longer know how to recognize the values of Love and Peace. I will let My Hand go down and the punishment will be endless.”

“My beloved Children, My Little Rest, you have arrived at the times predicted forever. Those who have remained faithful to the Mission of the Roman Order of the Redemptive Mother, find in the events which agitate humanity and the Church, the fulfillment of the Messages which were given to My Instrument of Predilection, to that which I chose to guide The Roman Order of the Redemptive Mother. For so many years, you have waited in Faith and prayer, in trial and persecution. You are confirmed in the choice you have made, by remaining attached to the Divine Voice. Faced with the weight of the Cross, you did not abandon the Mission, you continued to advance. You stood firm and shared the tears of the Superior General of the Roman Order of the Redemptive Mother. The Messages announced everything you are going through. The Roman Order of the Redemptive Mother must be ready to face these Times of tribulation. The Cup poured out on humanity is necessary because the Time of Divine Justice has finally arrived. Despite the warnings issued, many continue to persecute My Instruments. Despite the Signs and Miracles, many denigrate the Divine Messages and repress My Requests. Doubt settles giving way to rationalism. You are hardened and you refuse to recognize the Finger of God in the events of your daily life.”

“I send My Instruments to propagate The Messages and the sore cry of My Heart is not heard. They are rejected and ignored. Here comes the end of a time. The time that you live, ends at high speed. The events that occur everywhere in all countries, on all continents will precipitate the Days of Anger. Humanity, as you know it, will disappear. Before a new earth and a new sky come, there must be a great purification which must imperatively pass through the Divine Punishment. These are the last days of a time which, in your eyes, will seem like a few years. In a flash, everything will be consumed. Here comes the end of this time with a large series of Punishments. Your life will be turned upside down. You have to prepare for it. It was given to the Superior General of the Roman Order of the Redemptive Mother, the Mission to prepare the Little Rest, all Romanists for this coming end. I call on all Seers, All Privileged Souls, All Mystics from around the world to come together around Peter II and the King of France. This gathering is possible because the Times that you live, require that you make a great unity of hearts to build a New Era. This call must be heard, Times are difficult and, what will happen requires that you be united.”

“I call on all who have moved away, to return quickly with repentant hearts. My sheep must find their way to the enclosure, to the pasture. I call on you to return like the Prodigal Son who returns home after a time of wandering, astray. With Mercy, you will be welcomed and forgiven. My Children, My Little Rest, My Romanists, you are in the truth since signs have been given to encourage you, strengthen you and console you. Do not stagger even if the days get long and trying. Keep the Faith as you always have. Remain vigilant in the offering of your sufferings for the Victory of Petrus Romanus and the King of France. Here comes the Time of the Catacombs. In the face of religious persecution, it will be impossible for you to exercise your devotions with piety.”

“The wind of modernism and desacralization agitates the Church as well as those who govern It. You are in the Days when you must hide to pray and to celebrate the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. You will no longer be able to ostensibly wear any religious sign. Your Sacramentals and your objects of worship must be hidden. I know how much you suffer. You are the Martyrs of the Last Times. You are relentlessly tracked down and scrupulously watched. Your letters, your telephone and electronic exchanges are the subject of a particular look on the part of those who exercise power. They want to undermine the Mission and extinguish the light of Faith in the hearts of those who believe and hope in God. You cannot express your Faith openly because censorship is still current. Everything is done to ensure that you are persecuted. Don’t give in to intimidation and provocation. Do not bow before rejection and hatred. Do not fall before all forms of violence that are put into action to harm you. You know that those days have finally come, don’t follow those who want to sow discord in your soul. They want to corrupt you and lose you with agility.”

“My Little Rest, My Romanists, You have been humiliated, marginalized, criticized, chained and beaten because of the Messages, because of My Name and that of My Most Holy Mother. You have lived all the stations of the Passion by sharing the Suffering of My Divine Son Jesus. You will be highly rewarded for everything you have endured with Love and Loyalty.”

“The time of desacralization began openly and without shame. Those at the head of the Church have put in place a vast system to pervert men and comfort them in sin. All Divine Laws are flouted and trampled on. Men find satisfaction in evil, in modernism because they are encouraged to do so. They forget the Name of God and the consequences of sin. The Church has become a place of bargaining, a recreation room and an ideal medium for conveying calls contrary to holiness. Rome prostituted herself and sold herself to the Beast. She lost her letters of nobility. Rome has become an apostate. It was offered to evil. Rome has entered darkness.”

“My Favorite Son, My Latter-day Prophet, it is up to you to ring the olive to gather My People, for now My Hand will strike Rome. Resonate My call before it is too late. The Mission of My Beloved White Martyr is not over. Even though he has left the Papal Chair, He still has great things to accomplish. To do so, I am giving you a Message that you must communicate it to him without wasting time. The days are numbered before a river of bloodstains the white cassock.”

“My Children, Here is the time of the terrible global confusion in which repeated crises will succeed one another. Nature will rebel against men to destroy them. Do not fear and stand firm in the Faith. Here is the Time when, after the pandemic that has been prophesied, the Days of famine and calamities will arise. The earth will dry up and crack under the scorching sun. Everything that has budded will wither and crumble under the eyes of men. The high temperatures will decimate entire populations. Annual illnesses will come back with rage to wipe you out.”

“My Favorite Son, My Latter-day Prophet, ring the Olifant to announce the time of famine. To all My Selected Communities who serve Petrus Romanus and the King of France, to all my Romanists, I ask you to prepare, to make large reserves of seeds and seedlings. You will have to provide for your own needs by food autonomy. Those who plant and raise on Community lands will see their harvest and production blessed and preserved from the plagues which will weigh on agriculture and livestock. My People, My Little Rest, I urge you to take the path of The Roman Order of the Redemptive Mother and to embrace this new form of consecrated life in Community. In prayer, fasting, the Sacraments and the penance, you will find Salvation and Peace. It’s a precious gift from My Fatherly Love to save you. I sent you My Very Holy Mother under Her Last Great Vocable. The Apparitions that have been offered are the largest. They hold an important Message for the Last Times, with signs for humanity and the Church. These Messages have not been received, have not been practiced. Many have given way to despair, doubt and a break with the Movement. Many have been seduced by a church and state smear campaign with the sole aim of silencing. At no time was the Voice of Heaven silent, even as the persecution increased.”

“Those who were close, those who saw the Miracles, those who were miraculously healed, those who heard the Oracles, deserted before the first ordeal. However, everything was predicted in advance and everything happened exactly the same way. You see that the Mission entrusted to this Great Seer, to My Precursor, to My New Jean-Baptiste comes directly from My Heart. You do not always understand the Divine Plans, they seem mysterious to you but they carry the seal of Mercy. It is important not to try to measure or understand, however, you must adhere to it with Faith and determination.”

“Here comes the Time when I urge you to prepare your food by making the necessary reserves to resist. You will no longer be able to move around. I have given detailed instructions to My Instrument with a list of everything you will need. As Heaven has prepared you for the Pandemic, now the time is accelerating and you will have to prepare yourself too. You are behind the door which is about to open and when it does, it will strike the whole of humanity. Here comes the time when the Superior General of the Roman Order of the Redemptive Mother will ring the olifant to announce the Great Punishment to you. Twenty-four hours before this date, I will ask him. Where you will be, in your Communities everywhere on Earth, by the Will of My Heart, you will hear the sound of this call. You will know that the time has come to take shelter, to close doors and windows. The world as you know it will end with a series of far-reaching cataclysms. The air will be unbreathable. Those who try to open doors and windows will perish. Sorting has already started. Those who still persist, will be punished.”

“Precisely still, as it was done for the Prophecies on the Pandemic, I warn you with My Fatherly Love. Here comes the time of the Great War where from the East the storm of conflicts will rumble. A powerful Israeli-Arab conflict will oppose Israel to Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria. The economic and social crisis, the rivalries between the various political forces and the stagnation of the peace process in the Middle East will be warning signs. War will be naval, terrestrial, air, submarine, bacteriological, atomic, nuclear, electronic with listening and jamming of radio waves. The Golan Heights will be the scene of an endless great armed struggle. The interference of Syria and Russia with their authoritarian, repressive regime in Lebanese politics will provoke a great popular uprising with an unprecedented crisis. Syria and Russia will pound Lebanon. From the Gaza Strip, rocket fire will be launched by Hamas on Southern Israel. In return, Israel will increase its reprisal raids. The United States will retaliate against Korean fire. Iran is waging a huge nuclear program, night and day, with uranium enrichment at Qom, for war purposes, night and day. Weapons of mass destruction will support the Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorist groups for anti-American operations.”

“In the sky, a great light will come. Western countries will be invaded and bombarded relentlessly. The U.S. fight against Iraq will allow Syria to maintain political and military control over Lebanon. Beirut will be bombed and Jiyé’s oil tanks will be badly affected. The open crisis between the United States and Iran will result in a bloody confrontation. A flying fortress will drop several atomic bombs on several Western countries.”

“When everything seems lost, the King of France will rise and with his twelve knights, they will go to the Holy Land to deliver it from his enemies, The wall between the West Bank and East Jerusalem will be destroyed.”

“Behold, My Last Pope will rise, he will be pushed upwards, even though he had been brought down following a wave of betrayals. All Romanists of the Roman Order of the Redemptive Mother will chant the name “Petrus Romanus”, they will choose it. In these troubled times, My Little Rest, do not lose the Faith. Continue to find yourself in the Catacombs to pray fervently, to receive the Sacraments and to support My Faithful Instrument, The Superior of the Roman Order of the Redemptive Mother. You must keep yourself regularly informed by reading and listening to all the Holy Messages that are given. My beloved Children, My Little Rest, My Romanists, I give you the Blessing + + +. Amen: In the Name of the Father + and the Son + and of the Holy Spirit + Amen.”



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