America Has Forgotten God



The Holy Spirit asked me to parse the article “Petrus Romanus, April 12, 2020” and present the paragraphs addressing AMERICA.


“The Corona Virus will be over soon, so mankind can get their strength up because it will not be long in coming where mankind will be struck with another Virus, worse than the one that is escalating now. My beloved children, those in power in the world have made the pandemic of the Virus greater than it is, because it was produced by men who have in their hands a way that they can control man, which I have allowed because mankind have forgotten about Heaven and more so, about Me, the Eternal Godhead.”

Note: The second Virus will hit the heart and lungs, to bring mankind to its knees. The signs to the world are clear: mankind must turn to God and ask for forgiveness.

“My children, the Illuminati and the Freemasons are to blame for all that is occurring to mankind by forcing mankind to obey the control mechanism, to subdue mankind to the authorities of the world. But little has it done to draw mankind to God, even though it was permitted by My Decree. Mankind has succumbed to the ways of mankind, instead of turning to God to ask for Forgiveness and Mercy.”

“The main reason for the Virus is to reduce the world population, but to their shock, this is not what it is doing.”

“The world will not be as it was a month ago, because the Virus has caused uncertainties and the countries are going broke, but in reality it is not so, because the banks and the traders know what they are doing, because it is the Secret Societies which lord it over all, because they control all financials in every land.”

America is suffering under the Virus; it is to control the people and it has caused many deaths. It is to take away the control of the good Authorities, because through the power of the enemy they had that control. Watch and see how things will play out. But know this, My children, it will bring America to the ground, especially when California will go into the sea because of a horrific earthquake.”



“I know beloved children, that you are all suffering very much, but this trial of the Virus will be over soon. Continue to pray that soon, peace and unity will be restored to the world. My beloved children, this trial, which has hit the world, is permitted by My Son, because mankind has forgotten My Son, now that you have been reduced to staying in your homes, losing many of your friends, you have come to realize that you have forgotten the most important aspect of your lives – Your Creator.”

“Turn back now, My dear children, while you have the time, because the enemy is very much aware of what is happening and they are using the outbreak of the Virus to their advantage, because they control what you eat and control your life. But, My sweet children, you must overcome this and turn to God, because this chastisement is one of the first chastisements, because it should make you reach out to God, because God is using this epidemic to bring your attention to Him. If mankind does not listen, then a worse one will come.”

“Pray, My beloved children, for America, because it is going to go through many trials as people have forgotten God.”


America has a binary decision to make, God or Satan, and we can just take one course of action.

Click on the following link to retrieve the article “Satan is a Real Entity.”


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