Countdown to Divine Justice




May 27, 2020

Call of St. Michael to the People of God.

Synopsis of the Message to Enoch.

May the Peace of the Most High be with you all.

Time has begun its countdown to all the events described in the Holy Word of God will be unleashed. The great trials for the People of God are about to come; remain united in the faith and trust in God.

The servants of evil have begun to show themselves: by their fruits, you will know them. Their appearance is of kindness, they show themselves as philanthropists to humanity, but the reality is other than that; they are wolves disguised as sheep, who plot evil in their hearts for humanity. Do not believe in their false appearance because everything is a hoax, what they seek is to do evil and to decimate the world’s population.

Woe to those who have not awakened from their spiritual lethargy, because they will be lost during the passage of the Divine Justice! Wake up sinful humanity from your sin and lethargy, for the Angel of Justice is near! He comes to restore Order and Law. Prepare yourselves because the Glorious return of your King and Savior is near. Only those who pass the trials will be with Him and will dwell in His New Creation.

The laments will be heard everywhere, humanity and the creation are about to enter the Great Tribulation. Heaven is very sad to see that millions of souls will be lost for their lack of faith and separation from God. This humanity of these end times is thickhead, and will wake up only at the passage of the Divine Justice. Fire from the sky and relentlessly trembling of the earth are about to begin. The planned war is about to break loose and viruses and pandemics will multiply. Millions of human beings will disappear in the wake of these events and the remnant will be purified to become the People of God.

The days of peace and quietness are about to end, and anguish and despair are about to seize humanity. You do not know what is coming! If you knew, you would be united to God with prayers, fasting and penance. Your days are coming to an end! Everything is about to be consumed, humanity will return to its beginnings and will be different. Love, Peace and Harmony will reign; no more sadness, for sin will no longer exist; only Joy and Fullness, in the company of God, is the prize that awaits the faithful People.

May the Peace of the Most High remain with you.

Michael the Archangel


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