The Great French Monarch



The Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Future King of France

Dear Souls, the Sacred Heart of Jesus is a very important devotion, because it is linked to the Mission of the King of France.

Through Sainte Marguerite Marie Alacoque, the Sacred Heart addressed the Kings of France.

In 1675, Our Lord Jesus Christ appeared to Marguerite-Marie Alacoque, and asked her to establish a votive Feast at Her Sacred Heart in the octave of Corpus Christi and the construction of a dedicated religious building at the Sacred Heart.

In 1689, Our Lord appeared again to Sainte Marguerite Marie:

“Let the Elder Son of My Sacred Heart (Louis XIV) know that, as his temporal birth was obtained by devotion to the merits of my Holy Childhood, so he will obtain his birth of eternal glory and glory by the consecration that ‘he will do of my own adorable Heart who wants to triumph over his own and, through him, of the great of the earth. He wants to reign in his palace, to be painted on the standards and engraved on his Arms, to make them victorious over all his enemies, by slaughtering at his feet these victorious and superb heads, to make them triumphant over all enemies of the Holy Church.”

Louis XIV unfortunately will not dedicate France to the Sacred Heart.

In 1765, thanks to Queen Marie Leszczyńska wife of Louis XV, Pope Clement XIII granted the Feast of the Sacred Heart to France. The Queen’s son, the Dauphin Louis of France (1729-1765), consecrates, with the authorization of his father, an altar in the Saint-Louis Royal Chapel from the Palace of Versailles to the Sacré-Coeur, pending construction from the Montmartre basilica.

Then in 1789, in England, exactly a century after the message given to Sainte Marguerite Marie and the request not fulfilled, the Masonic lodges decided to foment the revolution in France. After the Bastille was taken on July 14, the Count of Provence, the Count of Artois and the latter’s two sons, the Dukes of Angoulême and Berry, emigrated. The latter, barely 11, will sew the flag of the Sacred Heart on his clothing.

Louis XVI was imprisoned in 1792. He then decided to consecrate France, his person and his family to the Sacred Heart.

In 1793, in the name of little Louis XVII imprisoned in the Temple, the Superior Council of the Catholic and Royal Army of Military Vendée, affixed the Sacred Heart on his Flag.

But in 1823 again, Our Lord renewed with Louis XVIII his Request for Consecration to the Sacred Heart through a nun, Mother Mary of Jesus, of the Congregation of the Sisters of Our Lady of Paris, and then to Napoleon III through Mrs. Royer.

On January 11, Pope Pius IX, at the request of the bishops of France, on the initiative of Cardinal Pie inspired by a request from the Count of Chambord, established the Feast of the Sacred Heart in the Universal Church. Then on January 17, the first stone of the Basilica of Montmartre was laid. The Virgin Mary appears on the same day in Pontmain. The next day, the Mother of God appears to Marie-Julie Jahenny and says:
God’s pleasure is done! France is saved!

The Count of Chambord relinquished the throne two years later after the revelation of the survival of Louis XVII and his Royal descendants.

On June 21, 1923, a century after the request made to Louis XVIII through Mother Mary of Jesus, Sister Mary of Jesus, a nun at the Convent of Birds in Paris, received confirmation of Marguerite-Marie’s earlier requests to the Royal House of France and the following message for the future Grand Monarch:

“France is always dear to My Divine Heart, and it will be dedicated to him. But it must be the King himself who dedicates his person, his family and his whole Kingdom to My Divine Heart; and let him do, as I have already told you, to raise an altar as one has been raised in the Honor of the Blessed Virgin. I prepare France for a deluge of graces when it will be dedicated to My Divine Heart.”

In 1925, seven years after renewing Paray-le-Monial’s applications through Claire Ferchaud, to President Poincaré French President who rejected them, Christ the King appears to him again: “When I see these places that I have specially chosen to spread My Merciful Love on the world, the crowds on their knees and ask forgiveness, My Father will give thanks and my Heart will appear in the Triumph of Peace on a regenerated France!”

As we understand, The King of France’s Mission is to consecrate France, as well as his family, his kingdom and himself to the Sacred Heart of Jesus to save the French people, France.

I invite you, in this month dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, to pray for the King of France to come.

Let us remember that Petrus Romanus and the King of France are inseparable. Their Missions are linked.

Let us offer to the Sacred Heart our prayers, our praises, our supplications, our acts of reparation.

I pray for each of us.

Happy Month of the Sacred Heart of Jesus!

The Superior of the Roman Order of the Redemptive Mother

[ Petrus Romanus ]


Petrus Romanus and the King of France are inseparable. Their Missions are linked.

Petrus Romanus is the future and last pope of the Roman Catholic Church and his papal seat will be in the Philippines.

The Holy Spirit has commanded me to prepare the Filipinos to welcome Pope Peter II to the Philippines and to assist this nation to become the hub of evangelization in the End Times before Christ Second Coming. We are the generation of His return. I have written so far about 150 letters to the Philippines.


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