Aliens Are Infernal Beings



Praise the Lord that he is good, because his mercy is everlasting.

Deadly brethren, great signs heaven will soon give you, so that you are prepared at the arrival of the Warning.

My Father in his infinite love will grant you this last open door of his Mercy so that you return to Him.

That great day is already near where you will pass through eternity.

Woe to those who still continue in this world without being defined, and woe to those who continue in their mad career of debauchery and sin, because the depths of the abyss awaits!

Brothers, the advent of the warning will be the worst nightmare for the immense majority of this humanity that wanders through this world without God and without Law.

My Father loves you infinitely creatures and seeks by all means that you

reconcile with Him, so that you can tomorrow enjoy the Eternal Life.

How sad that many after having passed through eternity, will continue to sin in this world and will definitely say No to the God of Life!

They will join the adversary and fight against God and his army; deceived by the father of the lie, will believe to obtain the triumph, but in the end they will be defeated and thrown to the eternal fire.

Brethren, your world is already invaded by beings from the underworld, fallen angels that you call extraterrestrials.

What a great deception you have been made to believe the kings of this world and men of science, when they tell you that the aliens are beings of other planets who come in peace to live with the human race!

Do not believe those lies brothers, the so-called aliens are infernal beings who are in your world preparing the earthly army of the adversary for the great Armageddon.

Brethren, all the technology of death of the great powers is the work of the infernal beings that you call aliens or extraterrestrials.

The kings of this world know this, as do the men of science, but not to create a panic in humanity, they tell you that aliens are beings from another world.

All these beings are demons and there are already among you the beings of the underworld called reptilians and Anunakis.

The reptilians are part of the infernal militia and the Anunnaki are infernal beings who have contributed  the technology and the science so that the great powers carry out their arms plan of destruction and death.

All the technology that you see today in the machines of war of the great powers, comes from part of these infernal beings that humanity calls extraterrestrials.

Know therefore, brethren, that these beings have long been among you, instructing and preparing the children of darkness, for the coming of the antichrist, and for beginning the great spiritual battle. Fear not Brethren, we the Celestial Militia, we are also in your world, you are not alone.

Heaven protects you; after the Warning many of you will see us, now we have begun the battle in your world, we are already in the space of your planet and soon we will come down to earth to protect the People of God. So you did not see us, know that we are there, giving you all our protection and help.

Again we say to you: do not fear, heaven will not abandon you. Stay in the peace of the Most High.

We are your brothers, Michael the Archangel and the Archangels and Angels of the Celestial Militia.

Glory to God, Glory to God, Glory to God.

Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah!

Let our messages of good will know our messages.”



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