Trump Will Win


The prophetess received a prophetic word from the Almighty Father, and then another from Christ.


(01) Trump will win election.

(02) We have a few years to build the Safe Havens.

(03) Store food because food shortages will increase.

(04) Prices will rise and it will be difficult to find meat.

(05) The Almighty Father chose some areas for Safe Havens because of local weather.

(06) People will build the Safe Havens.

(07) Satan will scream over America for his defeat.

(08) Leave the cities as soon as the Safe Heavens are built.


(01) Many will not come into My Kingdom.

(02) Christ will focus on His own people.

(03) America will only remain safe with Our hand on her.

(04) The stewards of the day will plant and reap the harvest.

(05) America will face unprecedented weather conditions.

Low temperatures and snow will hit unexpected places.

(06 ) Vote President Trump and do not let the enemy to return to the White House.

(07) Evil is rampant where it is allowed.

(08) The Democratic Party is part of Satan’s agenda to destroy America.

(09) You are Mine America, turn to Me and I will bless you.

(10) Rebuke Roe vs Wade.

(11) Brace yourself for the next round of enemy’s attacks.

(12) America will show the world a true beacon of light.


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  1. Paul Petit says:

    Vote for the party that is for life, and it will continue to make our country great!

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